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Walking is a great habit as it can keep you healthy and fit. Just a few minutes of walking a day can improve your life drastically. In many towns in the UK, people participate in a special program called ‘Welcome the Walkers’.

The towns that are part of this program welcome people from all over the world who want to walk around and explore their beautiful cities. They even arrange festivals and events to draw in more people to this amazing program that is not only good for their health, but also for the environment.

If you are aware of this program and know about Ross on Wye too, then you can write for us as a guest writer. We want to encourage our readers to walk through our articles, and also want them to know about this amazing walking program so that they can start it in their towns as well.

You can write about the town Ross on Wye, the program ‘Welcome the Walkers’, the various events taking place, tourism in those towns, and more. Your articles must be interesting so that people feel like joining these walking programs.

Readers should get a good idea about Ross on Wye so that they can plan their visit there on their next vacation.

The articles must be between 500 to 800 words and written in a conversational tone so that people enjoy reading your articles. If you are interested, please send us a sample of your writing. You can contact us for any inquiry.