about ross on wyewalkersarewelcome - AboutOur world is not as clean as it was in the past. There are lots of cars on the road causing air pollution. People’s lifestyle has changed. They have become extremely busy and don’t get the time to exercise.

They often take the car to the office which is located only a few blocks from their home. This not only contributes to air pollution but also makes the person non-active, eventually leading to various health issues.

Health professionals and others are trying to make people aware of the consequences of not being active and more people are realizing it. However, in some places, they have taken some major steps.

You will be surprised to know that there are towns in the UK that join together in an effort to promote walking. These towns have beautiful surrounding areas which are ideal for walking and the towns welcome people who want to walk.

Ross on Wye, a town in Herefordshire, became a member of this community in 2009 and now walkers from all over the world come here for a nice walk. This magazine is about the ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program at Ross on Wye.

Here you will learn about the various walking events and festivals taking place in the area.

Walking is a wonderful habit that promotes good health. The ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program helps people of the town in the community to get into the habit of walking. Seeing these people, others also come here and take part in various walking events and festivals.

Ross on Wye is a small town with lovely surroundings. You can get to the countryside easily and find lovely trails for walking. The views are breathtaking, and you will love exploring the area by walking with others.

A number of festivals and events take place here that encourages more people to walk. You will find various kinds of trails here from the simple ones to the more challenging ones.

In this magazine, you will find articles related to the history of this amazing walking program, festivals that take place, trails available, and more. You will know how important walking is for your health. We hope you will enjoy reading this magazine.