7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye


Ross on Wye is a small town that is located in southeastern Herefordshire in England. This town is quite popular now for the program ‘Welcome the Walkers’. Many people come to visit this picturesque town and its surrounding areas. If you plan your vacation here, these are some interesting things you can do.


7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye people street - 7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye

You can take part in the various events organized by ‘Welcome the Walkers’. You can join groups and walk along the various trails in the countryside. You will have a wonderful time with the group and will be able to enjoy the beautiful natural views. It is a great way to keep yourself healthy as well.

Visiting the Market House

7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye man walking - 7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye

The market House in Ross on Wye is one of the most visited places. Here you will find artwork, pottery, jewellery, mosaic, wooden sculptures, and other things made by the local people.

All these items are affordable, and you will love seeing them. You can buy them for your home or as a gift to your loved ones.

Visiting the market

7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye vegetables - 7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye

The local market is worth visiting. The market is held bi-weekly and you will be able to find unique items here. There are various items on sale. You can get local produce here from the local traders.

Brewery tour

7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye brewery - 7 Things to Do in Ross On Wye

You can go on a brewery tour and taste the local beer. There are guided tours and you can get the smell and taste of the local beer. You can come across the ingredients and know about the process of beer making.

Water activities

As Ross on Wye is a riverside town, you can do various water activities here. You can gokayaking, fishing, or other water activities. It is a great place for adventures.


There are hills in Ross on Wye, so you can go on climbing adventures. There will be guides available and you can challenge your fears with this activity.

Attend a cookery class

There is a cookery school in Ross on Wye, and you will be able to attend! You can attend various classes, workshops and events. It’s a fun way of learning how to cook and socializing.

People mainly come to Ross on Wye for walking. But apart from that, they can also participate in these exciting activities. So, visit Ross on Wye on your next vacation and have a memorable experience.