5 Things You Can Do While on A Walking Tour


Ross on Wye is a great place for walking. This town is a member of ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program and so many people who want to walk or participate in walking festivals or events come here.

Going on a walking tour doesn’t mean that you have to keep on walking for several hours without taking any break or doing anything else. There are lots of fun things you can do while on a walking tour.

Try something challenging

You can either go on a walking tour on your own or with a group or guide. When you are alone, you have a lot of freedom. There are different walking trails in Ross on Wye. You can try climbing up the mountain.

If you want more adventure, then you can go climbing. There are lots of hills and mountains in Ross on Wye and you will have plenty of opportunities to quench your thirst for adventure.

Go in groups

It is great fun walking in groups. You can chat with one another and learn about their life. You can talk about nature, the benefits of walking and any other topic.

Visit places

When you go on a guided tour, the guide takes you through interesting places. You might see something of historical or cultural significance and stop by to look at it. You will learn a lot of things about Ross on Wye from the guide. You will know about its history, people, and more.

Eat-in restaurants

It can be tiring walking for hours. As the walking trails in Ross on Wye are close to town, you can find good places to eat and take a short break from walking. You will find various types of menus here which include fish, meat, local produce, beer, and more.

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Boating in the river

While coming back to your hotel after walking, you can go near the river and go on a boating tour. As Ross on Wye is a riverside town, you will have an amazing experience on the boat.

These are some ideas of having fun during your walking tours. You will have a wonderful and memorable day at Ross on Wye.

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