5 Objectives of the ‘Welcome the Walkers’ Program


The ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program is quite popular in England. It is a community-led network of towns that promote walking. Various towns are members of this program and Ross on Wye is one of them. Here are the main objectives of the ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program.

Local walks

You will be able to walk through different kinds of walking trails from plain tochallenging ones. You will find all the information you need through this program so that you have a comfortable experience walking.

5 Objectives of the Welcome the Walkers Program local walks - 5 Objectives of the ‘Welcome the Walkers’ Program

Good footpaths

These towns take the initiative to maintain their footpaths and keep them in good condition. They ensure that the walkers get all the facilities they need for a good walking experience.

Contribute to tourism

This program definitely contributes to local tourism. Many people from all over the world come here just to have a walking experience. They stay here for a couple of days in hotels and eat in restaurants, thus boosting the economy through tourism.

Promotes a healthy habit

Walking is very healthy. It helps you to remain healthy and strong. You will be able to keep your body fit and mind refreshed. You will be able to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Keeps the environment clean

As people here walk more, it will help the environment to stay clean as there will be less pollution due to smoke from vehicles.

These are the main objectives of the ‘Welcome the Walkers’ program that is led by the community. More towns are joining this program.